12 December 2020 (12:12:2020)

4:30pm Singapore Time
8:30am London Time
[In English with Mandarin translations]

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*Due to upcoming various impactful cosmic events such as Total Lunar Eclipse on 30th Nov and Total Solar Eclipse on 15 Dec, Webinar replay will be extended from 15 Dec till end of 20 Dec 2020. Note: 12:12 Energy Gateway closes on 15 Dec.

Replay is available as soon as recording is uploaded after LIVE event.
Please note that each energy transmission is unique and will be tailored to the collective intentions of all participants.

On this beautiful day, let us elevate our consciousness to align our frequencies deep into our cosmic heart - the Central Sun. Through the Cosmic Heart at the centre of our chest, we shall link up with the countless Central Suns in the Milky Way to expand our consciousness.

An entourage of celestial beings together with the loving presence of Mother Earth and our Cosmic Father and Cosmic Mother, shall support us to resonate and match us with our higher blueprint.

This online event is a deep meditative journey facilitated by Yantara Jiro along with light language transmissions in spoken and singing form. The sounds will support us to release deep personal pain we have experienced this year depending on each person's needs and karmic energies.


During the meditation, our spiritual antenna will extend from our heart space to synchronise with our pineal gland, and further stretches out etherically to link us through the quantum field of the Universe. Our five senses do not bound us as they are bridges to lead us into our True-Self.

12:12 is a day where the frequency of Unification brings us deeper within, to unify with our Divine Cosmic True-Self. Unification is not dismissing separations or diversities, but instead, it is about co-creating through diversities.

Let us rise and elevate ourselves beyond our limiting beliefs and restrictions to greater heights of potentials and possibilities!

“Every breath is a heartbeat, is alive
Every moment is one step closer
One more time, let light shine
One more time, let love light
One more breath till I open my eyes…”

Yantara Jiro


1) This is a 1.5 hour ZOOM LIVE event only. It will NOT take place via peatix.com

2) Yantara Jiro will be leading in English and there will be subsequent LIVE translations into Mandarin.

3) This event will be broadcasted and co-hosts by Yantara's international organisers.

3) This event is only accessible for attendees with a Zoom account. Click here to register for FREE Zoom account.

4) When purchasing your ticket on this platform, please apply using the SAME email as your Zoom account.

This is to ensure you will have access.

5) Tickets sale will close strictly on 11 December 2020, 22:00 Singapore Time. We are sorry we are unable to accept registrations after.

6) You will receive an email from Yantara Jiro's International Team via Zoom with a link and password by the end of the day on 11 December 2020 or 12 December 2020 a few hours before the Zoom event latest.

7) Emails you may receive from us are: "infoyantara@gmail.com", "noreply@zoom.us", and "@peatix.com". Please kindly check your spam folder if you did not receive any emails.

8) Please make sure you have the latest version of Zoom Software.

Zoom Users (First Timer)

a) Please kindly apply for a Free Zoom account here.

b) Please use the same email you registered with Zoom to apply when purchasing a ticket with us.

c) Download the Zoom app onto your computer for the best experience.

d) You will receive an email invitation via Zoom for this webinar event by the end of the day on 11 December 2020 or 12 December 2020 a few hours before the Zoom event latest.

e) We are sorry that we are unable to provide technical support for Zoom.


1) This webinar will be recorded and published the following day for replay over a period of 3 days till end of 15 December. The frequencies of this 12:12 Cosmic Gateway will complete after 3 days.
This will be available to all ticket holders. The deadline will be stated on the video page.

We look forward to connecting with you and enjoy this wonderful cosmic event together!

Yantara Jiro's Team

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